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The Fluoride Action Network is growing, not just here in Windsor but across the province, the country and all of North America.  Folks are getting informed and the facts are getting harder to ignore.  More and more studies are revealing the truth about water fluoridation – that it is UNNECESSARY, UNSAFE and UNETHICAL.  Several communities are working to stop fluoridation of their water and many have succeeded.

To join our team here in Windsor contact us at FluorideFreeWindsor@hotmail.com.

Don’t forget to contact council, the Windsor Utilities Commission and the Health Unit to let them know how you feel about this dangerous practice and CC the FluorideFreeWindsor@hotmail.com email address so we can track the fluoride correspondence our policy makers are receiving.

Please consider copying the information flyer below and send it to your contacts, print and post it at your workplace or wherever folks will be able to see it.  We can only end fluoridation through education and you can help by sharing what you learn.

Recommended sites:

Fluoride Action Network

Moms Against Fluoridation


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