Precaution Taken: Lawyers Not Required

In March 2013, Windsor Council voted to stop adding hydrofluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) to the public water supply.  Naturally occurring calcium fluoride (CaF) is still present.

Following a two-year safe water campaign, hours of debate, stacks of evidence and messages from the community, our council voted WITH our water supplier’s, the Windsor Utilities Commission, recommendation to stop adding hydrofluorosilicic acid to the public drinking water supply.

In December 2014, a Liberal MPP submitted a petition calling for mandatory fluoridation whereby the province would force all water suppliers in Ontario to add this hazardous waste grade fluoridation chemical to the drinking water supply.  “Calgary Alberta, Dorval Quebec and Windsor Ontario are such examples of stupidity…”, he said.

How dare this MPP from Mississauga call our council and our community stupid!  His own community’s municipal council is currently facing lawsuit for their continued use of this untested, unregulated chemical.
Windsor council had the foresight to end this practice before such action was brought here at the expense of Windsor taxpayers.

Perhaps you’d like to write your council and THANK THEM for their progressive, protective action to make our water safer by ending artificial chemical fluoridation.

WINDSOR COUNCIL:    Rino’s position   Hilary’s position

Here are our MPPs’ email addresses, they need to know that we like our Safe Water just the way it is:
Windsor West: Lisa Gretzky

Windsor-Tecumseh: Percy Hatfield

Essex: Taras Natyshak

Chatham-Ken-Essex: Rick Nicolls


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