Flipflop on Fluoridation

It is disappointing to read about MPP Percy Hatfield’s flipflop on fluoridation. When he voted for safe water as a Windsor Councillor in 2013 he said he believed Windsor residents deserved to make the choice to use fluoride for themselves.  Now, after being voted in as an MPP, he believes the province should mandate and force all Ontarians to ingest fluoridation chemicals. Well, not all, just those unable to install expensive water filter systems.

He changed his mind “after talking to dentists from across Ontario”. Perhaps instead of talking to dentists that have no expertise on what fluoride does beyond the oral cavity (remember they tell you SPIT IT OUT) and that are mandated to support fluoridation as a condition of their license, he could instead take a look at the Windsor Essex County Board of Health’s latest oral health data which shows very little change, and even some improvement, in the dental health of children, after ending fluoridation.

And the Data Says…

Of the municipalities in Windsor-Essex: 3 stopped fluoridation in 2013 (Windsor, Lasalle and Tecumseh), 2 stopped a couple of years prior (Lakeshore and Amherstburg) and the remainder never did fluoridate to begin with.

The chart below comes from the latest oral health report. Note how children in JK still have less than 1 DMFT (decayed, missing or filled teeth); Those is SK still have less than 1.5 and those in grade 2 still have less than 2.5.

13124941_10153970706846293_1553043252778033105_n“An official with Ontario’s health ministry said no changes “at this time” are being contemplated for the Fluoridation Act…” so why the hype now?

MPP Delaney and Hatfield might be listening to their fluoridation proponent friends, but other MPPs are actually doing something to improve access to dental care for children that otherwise do not get to see a dentist.

Progressive Protective Policy is Possible

MPP Vernile of Kitchener-Centre and MPP McGarry of Cambridge are working to expand programs that would make it easier for children to get dental care and increase access for low-income families to get dental services.

This is what progressive policy making looks like and we applaud their efforts to make access to dental care more equitable, while protecting our environment from a chemical that is classified as hazardous waste.

In the meantime, if your MPP is going to support medicating your water supply and polluting your environment with hydrofluorosilicic acid, perhaps you can ask him/her to show how you are deficient in fluoride to begin with and the peer-reveiewed studies that prove water fluoridation is safe and that it prevents tooth decay.


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