Are you 4 out of 5?

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit claims that 4 out of 5 people support artificial water fluoridation.

The Health Unit plans to lobby Windsor Councillors and Essex County Council to start adding hydrofluorosilicic acid (sometimes referred to as ‘fluoride’) to the public drinking water supply, based on this claim of community support – and the fact that they are mandated to promote water fluoridation.

Did they ask you?

If you don’t support an untested, unregulated and unnecessary chemical being added to our water, please let Windsor Council know.

A short, polite email will make your point, you could say:
– I do not consent to being medicated with fluoride in my water
– I want my water to just be water, no fluoride
– I will vote for the candidate that keeps fluoridation chemicals out of my water
– Thank you for ending fluoridation 5 years ago, you made the right decision
– and so on…
Including your name and address will ensure you are recognized as a resident and potential voter.

Email addresses, easy to copy and paste​

If you have a specific issue and concern about artificial water fluoridation, let them know.  Several members of the community presented council with evidence of issues including: children with dental fluorosis, thyroid related health concerns that require the avoidance of ingesting fluoride, kidney related disease, irritable bowel problems, fluoride sensitivities and more…

Brief Recap

Windsor Council voted to end fluoridation and review the issue in 5 years – that 5 years is up.  Council made this decision after hearing from both sides of the issue.
Windsor Utilities Commission, the water supplier responsible for providing the safest water possible, recommended the city stop artificial water fluoridation.

Prior to this, Lasalle Council voted to ask the Province to test and regulate the chemical used – but the Province has failed to do so. The Town of Tecumseh voted to ask Windsor Council to stop fluoridating because Windsor supplies Tecumseh with water. Lakeshore and Amherstburg both voted to end fluoridation even earlier.
The rest of Essex County has never fluoridated.

Across the province and country many communities have ended artificial water fluoridation. The majority of our country’s water supplies are not fluoridated. There have been no new fluoridation schemes in Ontario since the 90’s.

Windsor Council was progressive and protective of formula fed babies, the environment and more when they voted to end the outdated, unethical and unnecessary practice of artificial water fluoridation.






  1. #1 by Chuck on April 23, 2018 - 4:24 am

    In their new report the health unit says 77.6% of Windsor-Essex residents support fluoridation in year 2016 (look on page 19 of 2018 report: But in their older report they only said 64% of people support it in 2016 (look at page 23 pf this report: Seems like they manipulated numbers by removing “i don’t know” responses. This is why we don’t trust them!

  2. #2 by Chuck on April 23, 2018 - 4:55 am

    They fudge the data even more. Look how they report on fluorosis. On page 35 of this report ( compare to page 29 in the 2018 oral report…….. this health unit is just fudging all numbers.

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