As Windsor Moves Backwards, What About the Rest of the County?

With Windsor’s new council voting to reinstate fluoridation chemicals into the water supply we’ve received inquiries from other Essex County water drinkers.

“They’re not going to put that stuff in our water are they?”

“Is there a chance that my water could be fluoridated?”

“Please tell me Windsor’s decision is a joke, what does that mean for the rest of us?”

Historically: Leamington, Kingsville and Essex have never been fluoridated. Amherstburg ended fluoridation before Windsor did. Lakeshore had only one of its water plants fluoridated and ended that nearly a decade ago. LaSalle and Tecumseh are currently customers of Windsor’s water supplier, Windsor Utilities Commission.

It isn’t clear what the Health Unit’s fluoridation promoting plans are and if they’ll target other municipalities within the region next (though they are going to Tecumseh on January 29th, write them at to ask them to keep fluoride out!).

We can share the Union Water Supply System’s present position on fluoridation. This water system supplies Leamington, Kingsville, Essex and part of Lakeshore.  It is the system that mayor Dilkens has recently commented about connecting to as a back up source.  Union Water Supply System is opposed to fluoridation. Originally in part because Heinz didn’t want fluoridated water in their baby food. Today the water supplier states concerns about adding a chemical that doesn’t result in a net improvement to the quality of drinking water.  Click the link for their full position and other reasons of concern…

Union Water Supply System Position on Fluoridation

Certificate of Analysis for Fluoridation Chemical

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