Captain America’s Dad is Opposed to Fluoridation

The father of actor Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, is a dentist and is opposed to water fluoridation.  His son suffers dental fluorosis and has expensive veneers to hide the damage.  See his letter below to read about his experience with the trade organization he was affiliated with, the ADA, and how he made the change to the esteemed science/evidence based organization the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Dental fluorosis is increasing in Canadian kids, especially in fluoridating communities.  The local dental health report claims no dental fluorosis found, without admitting that they’re screening children too young to show the signs; kids in jk and gr 2 don’t have all their permanent teeth yet – dental fluorosis shows on permanent teeth.


Dental fluorosis is the visible sign of fluoride over dose. We can see the harm to teeth but not visible is the harm caused to bones, brains and other internal tissues.  The cost to repair damage caused by dental fluorosis is high and not covered by dental benefits or provincially funded programs. Topical fluoride treatments and cavity repair are covered by dental benefits and provincially funded programs. The dental industry considers this harm caused by swallowing fluoride as ‘cosmetic’.

In the Canadian court case of Millership v Kamloops [2003], the judge stated
it is clear that the consumption of fluoridated water would contribute to the occurrence of dental fluorosis. I am satisfied that Mr. Millership has established causation on the balance of probabilities.”
Mr. Millership did not win this case; he dropped action against Kamloops because they had stopped fluoridating and he pursued action against the province and the federal government to which the judge found “neither the province nor the federal government fluoridated any water Millership consumed, so they were not liable.”  It is municipalities that decide to fluoridate or not.  It is municipalities that are responsible for providing clean safe water. It is municipalities that are liable for the harm contaminants they allow in the water may cause….such as dental fluorosis.

How long before Ontarian/Windsor parents seek remedy for the costs of dental fluorosis repair?  We’ve already heard from several parents that have paid out thousands of dollars.

Captain America’s Dad…



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