WECHU Fails to Make its Case

Today, March 25, 2019, Windsor City Council will decide whether to pass the bylaw to reintroduce artificial water fluoridation. Fluoride Free Windsor has put out the following:

  • A News Release, (see below)
  • Refutation of the Windsor Essex County Health Unit Report of 2018, signed by 35 professionals including dentists, doctors and scientists that warn against using the WECHU report to justify Artificial Water Fluoridation
  • Summary of the Refutation of the Windsor Essex County Health Unit Oral Health Report of 2018 (see below)
  • Rebuttal to Dr. Ahmed on Bashash et al: Important Failings in Dr. Ahmed’s Presentation and Response to Windsor City Councillors on December 17, 2018


Refutation Summary, WECHU Oral Health Report, 2018 (see full Refutation Report linked above)


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