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Who makes the decision to medicate our water supply?

Our first meeting was a great success and our objective is clear – we need to help spread awareness and continue pressure on council.  The community response has been supportive and positive.  We have a plan to get us started and much more work to do!

We know we don’t want our water medicated with fluoride, so who decides if the fluoride should be removed?

According to Arlene King, the Chief Medical Officer of Health in a publication titled The Value of Water Fluoridation the decision to medicate our water with fluoride “is made by each local municipality in consultation with residents.”

Were you consulted?

According to Enwin, Windsor began medicating the water supply with fluoride in 1953 at the request of the Health Unit.

Please consider writing to your local council member and copy in all the council and mayor to let them know that you want clean non-medicated water.  Ask them questions about what is added to our water and who is responsible for the testing and safety of the hydrofluorosilicic acid being added and ask them why we weren’t informed when Windsor began to medicate our water supply?  Check out this site for more questions that we should be asking and getting answers to.

Also, take a few moments and write to the Windsor Star editor.  Let the public know your opinion about not having a choice when it comes to having to ingest medication through your tap water.

Here is the council contact information for Windsor, Lasalle and Tecumseh:

Windsor Residents Contact:

Eddie Francis – Mayor – Email:

Drew Dilkens – Ward 1 – Email:

Ron Jones – Ward 2 – Email:

Fulvio Valentinis – Ward 3 – Email:

Alan Halberstadt – Ward 4 – E:mail:

Ed Sleiman – Ward 5 – Email:

Jo-Anne Gignac – Ward 6 – Email:

Percy Hatfield – Ward 7 – Email:

Bill Marra – Ward 8 – Email:

Hilary Payne – Ward 9 – Email:

Al Maghnieh – Ward 10 – Email:

Lasalle Residents Contact:

Ken Antaya  – Mayor – e-mail:

Mark Carrick – Deputy Mayor – e-mail:

Sue Desjarlais  – e-mail:

Ray Renaud – email:

Crystal Meloche – e-mail:

Marc Bondy – email:

Terry Burns – e-mail:

Tecumseh Residents Contact:

Gary McNamara – Mayor – Email:

Cheryl Hardcastle – Deputy Mayor –

Marcel Blais – Ward 1 –

Rita Ossington – Ward 1 –

Guy Dorion – Ward 2 –

Joe Bachetti – Ward 3 –

Tania Jobin – Ward 4 –

 Stay tuned, much more to come…


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Windsor Chapter’s First Meeting

Thanks to a Mercola article, which named an Ontario contact with respect to water fluoridation, a group has formed here in Windsor to take action towards removing fluoride from our water supply.  The first meeting is being held on Wednesday, August 17th 2011.  No doubt this will be a difficult task – but a worthy quest for certain – it is time for the fluoridation experiment to end.

The purpose of this blog is to help educate and inform the Windsor, Tecumseh and Lasalle residents about the facts of water fluoridation and the real science without the propaganda.  Also, to keep anyone interested informed about our progress.

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